It is time to stop searching. There is nothing wrong or broken about you and the way you lead your impactful business or career or live your life.

An abundance of the women I've met during my 16+ years coaching amazing women in business, and particularly since I started profiling using the Thrive Factor Framework® I created in 2010, have confessed to me they have spent so much time asking themselves the most ancient question of all...

Who am I?

Closely followed by "how can I be the best me I can possibly be?"

These questions can plague even the most confident, intelligent, wisdom infused woman. It can be the cause of great angst and frustration as you get caught up looking for clues, insights and answers.

There's a different way to thrive being exactly who you are. No more confusion. No more uncertainty. No more wondering.

I am so delighted you are here!

Meeting your Thrive Factor Archetypes is the ultimate permission giving, self celebration, effortless success amplifying, women in business and leadership focused profiling encounter you'll ever discover

A Thrive Factor Insights Experience is the best place to start if working with a Thrive Factor Coach® and going to that next level isn't right for you at this time

This experience confirms your Thrive Factor Archetypes and provides you with a personalised, detailed report


You receive a bonus of personalised insights provided by the Thrive Factor Framework® founder giving you enlightened perspectives to key things in your life and work/business right now


I imagine if you resonate with the above you might also

  • Have found yourself on a lifelong search to understand who you are. You constantly try to figure out how and why you think, feel and act in certain ways. You try to get to the bottom of what gets in your way of business success and living a fulfilled, happier life but just when you feel like you are making progress something trips you up... AGAIN
  • Be so tired of doing well one month only to have things crash and burn the next. The erratic cycle of business is so hard to deal with and you find yourself judging yourself and wondering what's wrong with you in a classic it's-not-my-business-that-is-wrong-so-it-must-be-me-moment... AGAIN
  • Have invested a silly amount of time, money and energy into training courses, programs, working one on one with high end coaches and still find yourself missing something and once the course, program or one on one commitment is over you feel like you're out there on your own... AGAIN
  • Feel exhausted thinking about the hours you put into things only to have them flop dismally... AGAIN and AGAIN
  • Wonder if thriving is even possible for you. It sounds like a brilliant goal but day to day surviving is your constant companion. It sucks and you also wonder AGAIN and AGAIN if being in business is really such a good idea for you
  • Feel like you're taking one step forward and a few sideways with every move in your business/career over and over AGAIN
  • Be a smart woman who has a huge heart, lots of inspiring ideas, can take action, who also loves to learn and share with others. You are the best cheerleader anyone could want. Your clients love you and yet there feels like something is getting in the way of you being you... AGAIN
  • Sense you work way too hard for the results you get. This makes you feel sooooo frustrated time and time.. AGAIN
  • Be tired of spending countless hours looking for the right pieces of the success puzzle because what you have doesn't always fit. Annoyance overload... AGAIN
  • Have at times lost all your mojo looking for answers when everything you have tried doesn't quite bring you the answers or solutions you know you need to get your business sorted once and for all. It's a never ending cycle happening over and over AGAIN!

Self awareness is so hot right now!

You knowing and learning to celebrate as much as you can about yourself is you amplifying your magnetism and power in the most divine way.

There are so many quizzes, tests, assessments and frameworks in the world,  but they are frequently focused on the broader community, have a very masculine energy and are super complex to understand and integrate.

Drawing on an extensive psychology and human behaviour background, and a nerdy obsession with helping incredible, super talented women meet themselves and embody their innate potential led me to begin documenting what became the 12 Thrive Factor Archetypes over a decade ago.

In my opinion and experience, self awareness is one of the most undervalued assets in life, career and business. Self awareness leads to understanding and you being able to be the influencer of your life in every moment.

In your power.
Choosing you.
Celebrating you.

Stop wondering why you're here.

When you learn who you are from an archetypal perspective, the Thrive Factor Framework® perspective, the wondering vanishes.

Tapping into ancient codes of self awareness means any questioning transforms into palpable excitability, clarity and unwavering confidence.

You meet yourself with grace, unlock your effortless success zone, harness your power and rapidly accelerate your life and business.

You embody what it means to totally thrive.

You know and express your Thrive Factor every day,
whether you are aware you do or not.

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"Looking at what I want to accomplish in my business through the lens of my Thrive Factor Archetypes has made decision making easier for me. It's helped me to understand how to speak to my community, of course, but it's also helped me feel even more confident that I'm moving in the right direction. On top of all that, I've used it to help understand who I'm working with and to magnetise my clients. A valuable tool I highly recommend because it's the best profiling experience for women I have ever encountered"

Stasha Washburn, The Period Coach, Author of The Revolution Will Be Bloody
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"Understanding my thrive factor archetype (Liberator Engineer here!) helped me see why I needed to let go of complicated systems and embrace simplicity in my marketing.
I was also able to leverage my other archetype, Queen Ruler which I was resisting because of its negative stereotype. Once I could see how I could lean into my Queen, I was able to step up as a better leader without turning my followers into a clique.
I am so glad that I did this with Shannon and got a better insight into what makes me, me!"

Swapna Thomas, Content Queen, Revolutionary Leadership and Business Coach
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"I absolutely loved everything about my profiling session with Shannon.
Discovering my four Thrive Factor Archetypes instantly gave me such a deeper understanding of myself, both personally and in business.
Learning about myself in this way has given me invaluable tools I use every day for myself and my clients. I love what Shannon has created so much, in 2020 I decided to complete the Thrive Factor Coaching certification and be mentored by Shannon. Best business decision ever"

Kerryn Slater, Spiritual Alchemist and Self Discovery Coach, Licensed Thrive Factor Coach®
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The Thrive Factor Framework® is an archetypal experience changing the way women interact with themselves and the world.

For business it provides a magnetic, captivating edge you can have so much fun leveraging!

Your clients will adore you as you step more into who you were born to be, a woman thriving, living her Thrive Factor, effortlessly of course.

For career it provides deep self awareness and understanding and supports you to make decisions in support of who you are, whilst learning the value of leading with your innate strengths.

The Thrive Factor gives all women the kind of personal insights needed to

  • activate permission so you can be, do and have more of what matters most to you
  • unlock effortlessness so you can move forward with greater ease and less frustration
  • grow confidence so you can show up in your business and kick your goals while also having oodles of fun
  • embrace core strengths so you know where to put your time and energy to get results
  • understand potential challenges so they no longer hold you back and instead help you build unwavering trust in yourself and an added resilience you can rely on and be inspired by

All this leads to an experience of magnetism. When you're in that space it is easier to know and express your innate potential.

The outcome?

A state I talk of regularly.

You totally thrive.

The Thrive Factor Framework® consists of 12 unique Archetypes, each with her own expression relating to Mindset, Marketing, Money and Magnetism; the 4 M's of Momentum.

You could have anywhere between 3 and 5 Archetypes, maybe 6!

Each Archetype has been explored and defined in a process spanning more than a decade by the Thrive Factor Framework
® creator - yep that is me.

Unlike many archetype and 'personality' frameworks, systems, solutions or assessments you'd find with a quick search online, the Thrive Factor Framework® was created with grounded ancient psychology principles front and centre of mind.

Based on the feedback of women all over the world it has been proven to be one of the most profoundly accurate ways for women to understand and honour themselves.

The most frequent word used in profiling experience coaching sessions where myself or a Licensed Thrive Factor Coach® introduces you to your archetypes?


So cool.

Another of the unique benefits of the Thrive Factor Framework® is that is has been designed for women only!

Graduates of the Certification in Thrive Factor Coaching, offered by Thrive Factor School, have all shared that the female centric nature of the Thrive Factor Framework® was something that excited them immensely. T

hink of this as the icing on a metaphorical cake. It was a big YES factor when deciding to enroll to learn the art of Thrive Factor profiling and coaching.

They knew from their own experiences the difference knowing their Thrive Factor Archetypes had made to their businesses and lives. Now, for the first time, they had a way to work with clients that actually spoke directly to her need and want to understand herself in a reliable and tangible way. Self awareness is one of the biggest untapped superpowers and gift any woman can give herself.

Super powerful.

In your Thrive Factor Insights Experience you will meet each of your Archetypes and open to understanding the reality you can effortlessly access your innate potential. This begins with self awareness and is amplified when you choose to embody each of your Archetypes strengths and understand the impact of her potential challenges.

The more you use your strengths - as a conscious daily action - you counteract any potential negative or contracting impact of your archetypal potential challenges. The goal is not to prevent challenges becoming actualised, but to know what to do with them when and if they do.

Your Thrive Factor Insights Experience provides you with bonus information explaining more about this. In addition to your report you'll get access to more information shared with you to provide more depth and understanding if you like to know as much as you can.

You will also receive information about Thrive Factor Coaching with myself or a Licensed Thrive Factor Coach
® should you desire to deepen your experience and truly activate lasting thriving.
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"Being profiled and discovering my Thrive Factor Archetypes was a wonderful moment. Knowing about my Archetypes has given me so much clarity and confidence in accepting and believing in myself and my strengths, whilst balancing my challenges. A transformational business and life experience.
Thank you, Shannon, it really has helped me to be more in my ‘effortless success zone"

Rachel Gardiner, Soul Elements, Licensed Thrive Factor Coach®
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"I had the opportunity to dive into a Thrive Factor Experience with Shannon at a business symposium in Tuscany. I thought I had it all sussed out, I knew which Archetypes I was going to be....... boy did I get it wrong!! Shannon blew my mind!
There was a moment of..."no no, you have that wrong", but that quickly unraveled with Shannon's incredible knowledge, experience and what this profiling is actually all about.
In that single session, Shannon changed the way I see myself, not just as a businesswoman, but as a woman. I felt like I had full permission to actually be me, and do things my way. And that was ok, it would still be successful. I can not recommend this work enough, it truly is a game-changer. I also have the privilege of being in the Thrive Factor book, because, well you know, when you are a Queen Ruler and a cheeky Pioneer Seeker everyone wants a piece!"

Amy Towle, Queen at Temple of She
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"Having my Thrive Factor experience with Shannon in 2018 offered such an insight. Learning about my Archetypes has given me a new level understanding and acceptance and truly given me permission to be me. I love this profiling so much that I jumped at the chance to become a Licensed Certified Thrive Factor Coach so I can help other women embrace themselves and give themselves permission to shine"

Kim Herman, Mindset Transformation Specialist
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Sounds intriguing...

But what is an Archetype?

My Mentor Teacher Archetype is so happy you asked! She's the nerdy one who knows a lot of 'stuff.'

The word Archetype comes from the Greek ‘Arche’ meaning original, old or first and ‘Tupos’ meaning pattern, model or type. Together these ancient words become Archetype and by definition, the word was thought to mean first impression or first imprint.

Archetypes assist you to understand and express who you are from a raw, real, authentic sense – to express parts of yourself you may or may not have previously understood.

When you know your Thrive Factor Archetypes you may, for the first time, understand why you do, say, react and feel the way you do. You will discover things about yourself that have you saying "now that makes sense" and "oh that's interesting" and "I feel like I finally have permission to be me!"

You will reconnect with parts of yourself you previously doubted, mistrusted or had forgotten or questioned were of value.

You'll understand your core values, your innate wisdom, your inner creativity, your triggers, your path to effortless success, your emotional responses, your decision making process and how to use all of this to accelerate your business success.

Oooooh I'd love to know how to be more me...

But aren't things like Archetypes just labels and therefore
going to limit me?

Ok, I can see why you might think that. It is not the truth though.

There are some schools of thought suggesting a framework like this is limiting and labeling.

They suggest you are preventing being 100% you by working within the realm of a defined system with set boundaries, information and guidance.

That may be the case for some personality profiling type solutions but the Thrive Factor Framework® is different.

The 12 Thrive Factor Archetypes the Thrive Factor Coach
® community and I work with today were born out of observations of the many women I was working with as clients in the years leading up to 2010 when I first used the Thrive Factor Framework® with my coaching clients.

Since then each Archetype has continued to provide new layers of insight and understanding each time I work with them and work with you.

This means there is new, expanding information about each Archetype all the time, and now that there are Thrive Factor Coaches in the world I have a sisterhood of incredible wise women using the Thrive Factor Framework
® with clients everyday, and sharing their learning and insights with me.

This is a win for you, an evolving, expanding woman, because the Thrive Factor, your Thrive Factor, evolves and expands as you do.

I'm so ready to thrive!
What's included in a personalised

Thrive Factor Insights Experience?
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Instant access to the Thrive Factor Assessment
personalised, detailed Thrive Factor Profile report capturing the expression of your Archetypes as they influence your mindset, marketing, money and magnetism
bonus Thrive Factor Insights summary where Shannon will personally provide Archetypal insights based on the answers you provided to the insights questions when you invest in your Thrive Factor Insights Profile experience


(approx $260 AUD depending on current exchange rate)

Step 1: Important info about you
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Step 2: Key questions to answer for Shannon to create your personalised insights created by viewing your questions through the lens of your Thrive Factor Profile and each individual Archetype
if you have a coupon code, be sure to add it at checkout below - the value of your coupon cannot be refunded if you don't add it before finalising payment
Step 3: Your payment information
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I am so excited! I'm in
by clicking here you agree to the terms and conditions below
Terms and Conditions

  • On confirmation of your investment you will get immediate access to the Thrive Factor Profiling assessment
  • Your investment will be charged in U.S. Dollars (USD) and where relevant, goods and services tax is included for Australian residents
  • Please allow 10 business days for your personalised report to be created and shared with you. This is not an automated process. A Thrive Factor Coach  reviews your results and confirms your unique combination of Thrive Factor Archetypes, your Thrive Factor Profile. Your report is then created for you by Team Thrive Factor, and reviewed by Shannon who then adds some extra magic to give you key Archetypal Insights for your life  and career/business based on the answers you provided when making your investment
  • No refunds are available. All transactions are final

Hey, I'm Shannon, your coach, cheerleader, and mentor to making business, career and life easier.
They call me a business & life Liberator!
What I am is an Illuminator...

A super creator, visionary thinker, liberation loving, inspiration seeking, potentialist, excitable cheerleader, chai devotee, stand up paddleboard addict, disco tragic, poet and artist!

Here's some more info about me from my profesh bio;

Shannon Dunn is an international multi award-winning Australian businesswoman, retreat leader and regularly sought out as a keynote speaker. She's the proud Amazon best-selling author of The Thrive Factor; Unlock Your Effortless Success Zone, a book introducing you to the archetypal framework changing the way women interact with themselves and the world. She is also author of 2022's Bragaudacious; the art of bold self celebration, 2013's Personal Leadership Style, and a co-author 8 times over of books focused on business, success and leadership,

In 2019 Shannon and The Thrive Factor book were awarded the international winner, Top Female Author in Business/Politics, as awarded by The Authors In 2021 Shannon was named one of the top 10 Business Coaches in Australia by Gig Super. In 2022 she received dual silver awards in the categories of Leadership and Best Blogger/Writer/Author at the Roar Business Awards. In January 2023 she was nominated 3 individual times for the Women Changing the World awards and became a finalist in Micro Business Woman of the Year category.

She is the host of She Leads She Thrives Podcast, created to showcase the voices of women worldwide. Since it's launch in October 2022 it's download numbers place it in the top 5 of podcasts according to the experts of the podcast world.

She has spoken alongside the likes of Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love and been invited to be a speaker for events to feature Gabby Bernstein, SARK, Tererai Trent, Lisa Messenger and more. Don't know who they are? Google them.

Shannon holds space as a visionary for ambitious, ingenious women who are coaches, creators and impact makers. They are true #thriveseekers searching for more out of life and business. They are here to do big things and not ashamed to tell the world. Shannon helps them to embody their Thrive Factor Archetypes, teaching them to claim their innate potential and turn their wisdom and what they know into a profitable impactful, legacy creating business without unhealthy hustle and overwhelm!

Shannon has two decades of genuine coaching expertise and has been championing women in business to thrive as a cornerstone of her work for over 30 years (when you include her decade in corporate leadership) via 1:1 coaching, business mastermind programs, retreats and oodles of thrive focused training. In 2019 she expanded the thriving woman revolution with the launch of Thrive Factor School offering certification programs teaching women in business the art of Archetype Profiling and Self Leadership Coaching using the Thrive Factor Framework®. Shannon's vision is to have licensed Thrive Factor Coaches® all over the world, supporting their clients to activate and amplify authentic, sustainable thriving. Always on their terms.

Shannon's obsessions include influencing through her innovative style of coaching and support to see more women;
  • leading profitable businesses with ease
  • prioritising deep nourishing rest so you have sustainable energy when you want it
  • authentically thriving... #ofcourse
  • know what it means to be a self led soul, fully aware of how influential they are on all aspects of their lives
  • creating meaningful impact being 100% themselves
  • express their individuality leading a business in their own way
  • unlocking their effortless success zone so they never question their purpose, impact or legacy
  • collaborating together to ripple thriving into the world in ways that everyone benefits

This Biz Yoda (lovingly named by her community), business andd life liberator and illuminator, is here to shift the landscape for the women of the world and lead a revolution of women thriving.

She's in a conscious relationship with her 4 Thrive Factor Archetypes, Visionary Creator - the Strategic Illuminator, Liberator Engineer - the Freedom Weaver, Inspirer Believer - the Cheerleader Potentialist and Mentor Teacher - the Wisdom Woman. Together, they create a unique, one of a kind experience for you and your business.

2023 All Rights Reserved Shannon Dunn | Thrive Factor Co

for all things coaching, speaking and working with Shannon visit
Read Shannon's Inclusion Journey Statement here
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Every effort has been made to accurately represent our products, services and their potential. Examples shared in any  examples included above are not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of earnings or outcomes. Earning potential is influenced by the person using the products, services, programs, ideas, strategies and techniques shared with them. We do not purport any of our products or services to be a "get rich scheme" or claim they will lead to you earning a minimum level of income or a certain result. The coaching and education you experience is designed to evolve your relationship with yourself and your business. The speed and magnitude at which that happens is unique to each person and business.

Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified if requested. Your level of success in attaining the results claimed in our content is influenced by and depends on the a large number of factors, including your past personal and business experience and the time you dedicate to our products, services, programs, ideas, strategies and techniques shared with you along with your finances, knowledge and various skills. As these factors differ according to each individual, we cannot guarantee your success or income level. But we want you to succeed and achieve the outcomes you want to experience. We commit to working with you within the scope of our practice to support this to happen.

i, Shannon Dunn, CEO and founder of Thrive Factor Co have over two decades of coaching and business training and expertise. I am also a qualified counselor and therapist and practice with trauma awareness due to my professional experience and expertise. I am acutely aware of my scope of practice and will refer you to a more suitable form of support or guidance if what you want and need is not something I am qualified or equipped to provide. I am continually learning and evolving as a coach and I am dedicated to leading by example. I am committed to practicing from an ethical position and always willing to meet you where you are at and to work collaboratively with you to find the right solution or solutions for you.

As I evolve and become more informed about the most appropriate ways to work with you as a coach and an educator, things may change in our business model. Any change will be made with the best interests of our clients front of mind and heart and always communicated to our valued community if it affects any current commitment you have made with Thrive Factor Co.

As a company we believe in a pricing model that offers a range of options. We believe in payment plans and offer them for a majority of our services and programs. We do not agree with marketing that is driven by scarcity and fear of missing out, or that preys on personal insecurities or beliefs. As of January 2023 will began offering a flat rate pricing structure, thus removing early bird pricing and savings for pay in full. We do not believe in "penalising" anyone who chooses a payment plan by making you pay more than the small additional amount of administrative fees incurred administratively for offering payment plans. Please be patient as we transition this change across the company and our entire suite of offers, products, programs and services.

Unless otherwise stated, there is a 30 day written notice period to cancel ongoing coaching services. Any payments due in the time between your request to cancel and the end of the 30 day period, will be charged as per the agreed rate. No refunds are available on masterclasses or programs, masterminds. For retreats and other in person events you will find relevant cancellation and refund policies included in your related agreement.

If at any time you are not satisfied with your experience, reach out to Thrive Factor co and let us know. When you work with us you are provided with the contact details needed to communicate with us. You will always be listened to and your concerns, queries or anything else you raise with us will be acknowledged with respect, confidentiality and taken seriously.

Last reviewed May 2023.